mistreatment of iraqi prisoner

The Mistreatment of Iraqi Prisoners of War
The news that Iraqi prisoners of war were being brutally mistreated along with shocking photographs by American and British troops caused a great uproar in the international community.
The US led coalition army had gone into Iraq with the aim of overthrowing Saddam Hussein and finding his weapons of mass destruction. They also wanted to restore peace and safety for the Iraqi people.
The war on Iraq had its critics, especially when no weapons of mass destruction were found even after Hussein was captured. A war that was only supposed to last around 3 months still continues today.
When the news stations and papers brought out the story and images showing the detainees being sodomised, it provided the war's critics with further evidence for being against it.
The coalition said they were going to liberate the Iraqi people, bring peace and democracy to the country. Not only did the latest story taint the "American way of doing things" which we hear Bush usually say, it caused further unrest and resistance between the soldiers and the Iraqi people.
There were allegations that the Bush administration had known about the prisoner abuse for some time, and had hoped that problem would be solved soon and go away. Another allegation was the Bush administration had tried to prevent the story from going public, or the story was used to distract the public about the coalition losing their battle in Fallujah.
The issue was covered both in a balanced and informed manner. Media coverage included both Western and Middle Eastern countries. The media coverage as a whole provided opportunity for all parties interested to voice their opinion.
The Western media's angle focused on the mistreatment of the prisoners, and the soldiers responsible for it should be brought to justice. Although the western media usually included comments from President Bush and Prime Minister Blair, they…

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