Misperception of Iraq

One of the most blatant and significant misperceptions floating around in
the world today regards the war in Iraq. In spite of official findings to
the contrary, including some admissions on the part of the Bush
administration, many American citizens continue to believe both that Iraq
possessed weapons of mass destruction and that the nation was somehow
linked to the terrorist attacks of September 11. Even though weapons
inspectors and other investigators found no corroborating evidence to these
claims, millions of citizens hold on dearly to this misperception,
believing strongly that President Bush was correct to have invaded a
sovereign nation. Many mainstream media sources have published articles or
broadcasts on the fact that Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and
that Iraq cannot be linked to September 11. However, many people continue
to believe the misperception that both these myths are true. The
misperception thrives in large part because of the clever wording or spin
of the Bush administration. Furthermore, for many people around the world,
the misperception that many Americans hold is ridiculous and frightening.
Regardless of how people feel about the President and whether or not he
should be re-elected, the Iraq issue remains an important, relevant
misperception on the part of the American people, a misperception that can
No one will argue reasonably that Saddam Hussain was a good leader. He
killed and persecuted numerous people and suppressed the citizens of Iraq
for many years. He deserved to be removed from power. Therefore, Saddam
Hussain’s failure as a leader is not a misperception. However, the means by
which the United States invaded Iraq resulted in countless civilian deaths
and American soldier casualties and was also counter to the basic rules of
international politics. After all, few nations in the world offered their

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