Misjudgement of A rapper

The Merriam-Webster Colligate dictionary defines Hip-Hop as "a subculture especially of inner-city youths whose amusements include rap music, graffiti, and break dancing; an element or art form prevalent within this subculture." This is a general and to me, a very discriminatory definition that gives one the impression that hip-hop is just "a black thing."Hip-hop is an art form, a history and a form of expression that should be treated with the same respect as rock, soul and popular music. Hip Hop is the foundation of rap and is to be defined by a history and not as a single phrase.
Hip Hop includes deejaying, emceeing/rapping, break dancing and graffiti art. These art forms as we know them today, originated in the Bronx section of New York City around the late 1970s. Hip Hop has thrived within the United States and is now just recently beginning to enjoy worldwide exposure. From a personal perspective, Hip Hop has been one of the main contributing factors that helped limit gang violence due to the fact that many adults found it relaxing to channel their anger and aggressions into these art forms which eventually became the ultimate expression of one’s self
To many, hip hop is just Gangster rap. When the word hip-hop is mentioned, artists such as NWA, Ice T and Snoop Doggy Dogg come to mind. Who ever stops and thinks about James Brown, Curtis Mayfield or Isaac Hayes? Those are the original pioneers of hip-hop, the men who laid down the foundation for people to dance and have fun. Since the introduction of hip hop in the late 70;s, it has manifested itself into many sub cultures such as bass beats, Gangsta rap and underground rap.If I were to write about all of the different forms if hip hop, this would be a dissertation or a thesis but I hope to give many solid definitions of Hip Hop that will clear up some of the negative condemnations the art form carries.
Now if you ask most people to give a

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