The Supreme Court of the United States of America often makes decisions, which change this great nation in a great way. Often there is a disagreement over their decision: the court itself is often split. The impact of the Courts decision creates discussions and on occasion, violence. This is what happened in the case of Miranda v. Arizona in 1966, this case proven to be one of the most controversial cases in the history of this great nation and its people. This case changed history of this country and left a tremendous impact, which many tried to revisit and change in some way or another.
Ernest Miranda was born in 1940 in a little town Mesa, Arizona. His father had emigrated from Mexico and now was supporting the family of tree as a house painter. In 1946 Ernest Miranda lost his mother. His mother’s death seemed to mark the end of the happy childhood and the beginning of the troubled youth (“Miranda v. Arizona” 14). It was in the elementary school were Mr. Miranda a chose his way, his discipline was not acceptable his attendance record shows more absences then days present. He was able to finish the 8th grade but his latter education was stopped by his growing criminal activities hisfirst serious arrest was for car theft, he was convicted and received probation (“Miranda v. Arizona” 14). From then on his criminal record growth to inorams size, it shows that he was arrested and convicted for crime such as burglary for which he was convicted and sends to State Industrial School for Boys at Fort Grant. Only a month after his release he arrested and charged with attempted rape and assault. He was found guilty and returned to Fort Grand in January 1957 Miranda was released from Fort Grant two month latter he was arrested in California for curfew violations and Peeping Tom activities five month after hi was arrested for armed robbery. He was released because the state did not have enough evidence to convict him (“Miranda v. Arizona” 14…

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