minnesota 4th house

There are three candidates running for Minnesota's 4th U.S. House; Democrat, Betty McCollum; Republican, Linda Runbeck; and Independent, Tom Foley. The issues at hand are; Healthcare, prescription drugs, and education.
Betty McCollum graduated with a B.S. degree out of Cathrine College. She taught grade school and was a sales manager for twenty- five years up until her political career began in 1986. She served on St. Paul's City Council from1986 through 1992. In 1992 Betty was elected to the Minnesota House of Representatives and was the only legislator to defeat two incumbents in a single year. Her Legislative accomplishments include the passing of Minnesota's most comprehensive school bus safety laws and two constitutional amendments which; a) allows citizens to recall elected officials for wrong doing , b) provides bonuses to veterans of the Persian Gulf War. She currently serves on the Mississippi Parkway Commission, a ten state joint commission to protect the environment.
Betty McCollum wants to invest over half of non-social security surplus to insure a long-term solvency of Medicare that can be extended to prescription drugs and other medical necessities for seniors and people with disabilities as a means of getting quality, affordable health care.She also wants to hold drug companies accountable drug pricing policies in order to make prescription drugs more available for seniors. Finally McCollum wants to reduce class size improve teacher quality, modernize school buildings and expand available technology to better education.
Republican, Linda Runbeck graduated Bethel College with a B.A. in sociology/ social work. Her political career consists of being the state senator in district 53, from 1993 to the present; state representative 52A from 1989- 1992; and council member of City of Circle Pines from 1984- 1987. Her professional career began as a caseworker

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