Military conscience

Should women be allowed in the military?This is a question that is still argued with some heat, although it has become almost a moot point.Some proponents of women on the warfront put forth the theory that female soldiers would serve as a gentling factor, a collective conscience of the military as it were.Apparently there are some who do not see the contradiction inherent in the argument, or that it ignores the object of women being allowed in the military altogether.
Women are and should be allowed in the military because fighting for what one believes in is not a gender-specific right.If we as citizens truly accept that a woman can be the equal to any man, then women must be allowed the same rights and privileges as men, and this includes going to war for your country.The time is now past when a woman's sole purpose was to send her man off to war with the maxim, "Return with your shield, or on it."
Another point is that if we completely integrate our armed forces, then the women in these roles will have received the same training as the men, they will be in the same battles, the same bloody and desperate situations natural to a war zone.A woman will be seeing the same tragic horrors, men and women dying, perhaps by her hands.She will see her fellow soldiers, men and women, wounded and screaming, maimed, or even captured.Yet now a certain aspect of American citizenry still expects them to react differently to these circumstances.They expect these women, these combatants in a war zone, to react as they believe a woman would, not as the soldier she has been trained to be.
The object of putting women in the front lines of battle is to emphasize that a female soldier can be the equal to a male soldier.If we as a country send women into a war zone expecting them to serve as the scrupulous backbone of our armies, we are doing both themselves and our country a grave injustice

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