Mideast Conflict

As America faces another showdown against Iraq, the Mideast conflict is possibly the single most important factor for our country's war against terrorism.To fully understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, one must know the history of the region.
This paper will attempt to provide an objective view on the situation and offer a plan for lasting peace in the region.
An individual might begin this discussion in early times (3000 B.C.).However finding solid, factual data from this period is challenging, and often the facts vary depending on from which perspective the data is written.Obviously, this land has been contested since the beginning of time.
Following is a rough timeline of events that shaped the current Middle East situation.Statements in a standard font are generally facts, which both sides agree upon.Statements in bold type are comments that are generally neutral.Statements in red type are the Palestinian, Arab viewpoints.Statements in blue type are the Jewish, Israeli viewpoints.
1. Jews and Arabs pray to a different God.
Both sides claim that the West Bank is the center of their homeland.
2. In World War I, Britain gained control of the land of Palestine with Arab aid.After Britain gained control of the region, they promised Jewish leaders a national home in the land of Palestine.Britain also promised the creation of an independent Arab state.
Both sides generally agree to this statement.
3. The British mandate officially began in 1922, which was approved by the League of Nations.The White Paper (1922) stated Britain's policy of aiding Jews' return to their homeland.Additionally, there were limits placed on the number of Jewish immigrants that should be admitted into the region.
This statement is also generally agreed upon.But, the number of Jewish immigrants was supposed to be limited to 25,000, but the actual number of immigrants was closer to 50,000.This …

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