Middle East- is there a wayout

Kazimierz. The place in Cracow where Jews and Christians had lived together in harmony for the previous four and a half centuries. The place where inconceivable misery took over, where to this day you can almost hear the terrifying staccato rattle of Nazi jackboots over the ancient cobbles. The Jewish people so pleased with their freedom but still bound to fight their anxieties and nightmares. Having had enough of persecution they were finally allowed peaceful and prosperous lives in one of Cracow's districts.
Israel. The place in the Middle East where there is no single minute of safety or relief. Where every moment of silence warns of a tragic event to come. A little sixteen-year-old Palestinian girl is going to a shop with explosives under her dress to comit suicide in the name of the freedom of her nation and to murder and maim her nation's oppressors.
Israel was founded in 1948 on former Palestinian territories which were British control as a mandated territory. "Magnanimous" Britain, sympathising with the Jews, helped to settle them in the Middle Eastern desert. Britain and the USA watched proudly as their progeny worked the miracle and made the desert bloom, never stopping to ask: "Whose desert is it?" Who gave them the right to make an Arabic nation largely landless? They were so "generous" in dispensing someone else's land.
The Jewish nation has always been proud of their wandering nomadic heritage. Due to the fact they thrive in every part of the world; so why were they not given a part of Alaska or a part of Northern Ireland? Because two powerful countries could make generous donors of themselves whilst humiliating the local Moslem population. They even granted the Jews Jerusalem which is also a holy city of Islam. It was simply convenient for them.
No sooner had the independence of Israel been anounced than unrest broke…

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