Microsoft The Monopoly

Is Microsoft a monopoly? There are a lot of operating systems on the market for you to choose from-Windows NT, OS2, Mac OS, Unix and some others. Our experiences with other operating systems have shown us that they are as good as Windows and are Windows-compatible.However, for some reason most large corporations and individuals choose Microsoft as their primary source of software.Microsoft, one of the largest software companies in the world was created by two college dropouts, Bill Grates and Paul Allen.Brilliant marketing and engineering techniques helped bring them to the top of the market world.They went from a simple software company to what is now arguably the most successful computer company in the world.
Because of their huge success their company grew into what some people consider to be a monopoly.A monopoly is defined as a market structure characterized by a single supplier of a good or service for which there is no close substitute.Microsoft grew in popularity because of its advanced technology and easy use.Businesses started buying and using these programs and the general public wanted the same technology at home as they had at work.People were beginning to be taught Microsoft at school so it was easier for them to use it instead of learning a different program.Before long everyone was using Microsoft.Society was satisfied with Microsoft until they lost control and Microsoft began to control the market price.
Though it is considered a monopoly it is a very different kind of monopoly then those in the past.Most monopolies have bought out their competition while Microsoft just dominates the market.Other monopolies have been their own suppliers of resources but Microsoft only controls one area of the production of their product.One example of a true monopoly was when John D. Rockafeller started Standard Oil and took over all aspects of the oil industry by purposely lo

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