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In the following report I will anaylise and interpret the facts surrounding Lennie Small s death. It has become apparent that George Milton was the perpetrator in this incident, and his reasons for committing such a violent offense is portrayed throughout the report. It will outline incidents surrounding Lennies death, which to my opinion are that George, was Doing his friend a favor by killing him.

1.1 Sources:

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This report will include interviews and other information surround Lennie Small death.


The eyewitnesses at the scene of the crime are:

– George Milton

– Curley

– Candy

– Slim

– Carlson


The Following is an interview conducted by myself, interviewing Candy

Q: Why would Lennie have left in such a hurry?

Candy: He Killed Curley s wife sir. But he s such a nice fella. I didn t think he d do anything like this.

Q: And what was your involvement in the death of Curley s wife?

Candy: I found her sir.

Q: and you didn t notify the police?

Candy: No sir.

Q: Why didn t you tell Curley straight away?

Candy: You don t know that curley, Curley go n ta wanta get im lynched. Curley get im killed.

Carlon had given a statement also reporting that Lennie had taken his gun from under his bed before he went missing.


Lennie had a bad employment history and was forced out of Weed for inappropriately assaulting a girl and would not let her go.

1.2 Limitations:


There was a short period of time between when Curley discovered his dead wife

and until George found him. This might be enough time for George to go and

take Carlons gun and Lennie therefore may not have taken the weapon himself.


There was a major personality clash between Curley and Lennie following an

incident where Lennie had crushed Curley s hand in fight in the barn. It seems

that Curley had always had it in for Lennie.

2.0 Findings:


The nature of lennies death was a bullet to the back of the head. This followed the death of Culrley s wife, which Lennie did by breaking her neck. It seems that George went out to find Lennie and when he did he shot him. Why this was done is a mystery, but I assume it was because he couldn t stand to see Lennie locked up in a prison. He was killed sitting by a river south of the farm.


Slim had a minor role in the killing of Lennie. He tried to calm Curley and

reason with him. Slim was trying to set things straight got everybody to

conduct a search for Lennie.


George went ahead of the other men in the search and found Lennie sitting

where they had organized to meet if Lennie got into any trouble on the farm.

They spoke briefly and when the rest of the men found George and Lennie,

Lennie had been shot with Carlson s luger.


George and Lennie had a good relationship, and traveled together after the death of Lennie’s Aunty with whom he was staying with. They went from place to place working. Lennie, although being quite slow, still had a cunning way to get around George.

3.0 Conclusions


Lennie small had a simple life, which involved traveling with George earning small amounts of money. He lost his guardian at a young age and George took responsibility for him from then on.


A gun shot to the back of the head killed Lennie Small; George Milton triggered the gun.


George s motive for killing Lennie was based on the amount that he cared for his friend and could not let him be locked up in prison and treated like an animal.

4.0 Recommendations


I recommend that George be set on trial in front of the court to arrange his punishment, which I recommend to be 15 years jail.


Steinbeck, John, OF MICE AND MEN, 1937, William Heinmann.

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