Metamorphic Insight into Dreams

Dreams play a large role in many people’s lives.They can reflect and pertain to all aspects of life, and can have a deeper meaning than might immediately be realized.The following paper contains an in depth look at and the meaning that dreams have for many individuals and how they have affected people both in the past and present.Many dreams have are really symbols representing significant influences and events in the lives of those who have them.The following paragraph is an example of a dream that a young boy or girl, or anyone for that matter, might experience.
A cool breeze flows gently through the trees while the hot summer sun shines down on a gathering of family members. A young boy happy with excitement finds himself surrounded by the people he loves at a family reunion. While the adults reminisce on past times, the children are found enjoying a game of kickball in the field. As the little boy becomes a spectator absorbing all of the joy and warmth from his family’s party, he awakes from his night’s sleep to find out that he has been dreaming.This pleasant dream is just one example of the many different types of night visions people encounter.Was this boy imagining a life with his family that might not really exist?Is this child abused or neglected and using dreams as an escape, or
is this reality and the child is simply reliving pleasant experiences?The metamorphic process of paralleling the symbolism of our dreams to our everyday lives has contributed to learning more about our individualistic personalities.
Over the years, the mysteries of why and how we dream have captured the imagination of everyone from playwrights and poets to psychologists and scientists. However, the main objective of this paper is to illustrate that there are significant purposes to dreams. From laboratory experiments to primitive cultures, the interpretation of dreams is a powerful tool used to help understand ourselves. Rosali…

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