Memories by oscar wilde

I can still remember,the whispering of the pines. Sitting on my mothers lap,those were such great times. Listening to the rooster,as he began to crow. How,I cherish all those memories,from a long long time ago. Listening to the crickets,as night began to fall. In my bed so warm and safe,I really had it all. Momma reading nursery rhymes,as I drifted off to sleep. Sissy,lying next to me,her blankets in a heap. Waking up each morning,to the bluebirds joyful song. Living in the country,that’s just where I belong. Grandma in the backyard,hanging clothes out on the line. Oh those wonderful memories,once upon a time. I was really lucky,growing up just like I did. How I wish I could go back it was fun to be a kid. Life is so much different now,I’m older moved away. But I often think, about those old times,it seems like yesterday. All that’s left are memories,of a long long time ago. I wouldn’t trade my life for anything,I just wanted you to know. Someday I’ll go back there,to the place that I call home. To all those childhood memories,but I won’t go alone

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