This article tells about the drug plan proposed by President Bush. The drug plan is an expansion of the government that will cost $400 billion over 10 years if approved. This new program is said to only end up with "fewer new drugs and a lot more government."They also insist that it will end up costing a lot more than it already does. The government says that the main reason for this plan is to give the public drugs they could not previously afford. The Republicans on the other hand don't ask valuable questions such as "why the drugs are out of reach of consumers?" or how those who can't afford their own drugs will be able to pay through these new premiums?"
"Medicare which cost $3 billion in 1967, costs $250 billion today and will costs an estimated $474 billion by 2012 without new prescription benefits." They say that Medicare and the FDA are responsible for the high costs of drugs. Also by adding more government it will increase expenses and fewer new drugs will be available as a result of this program. It will eventually lead to price control and new restrictions on drug companies.
Senator Edward Kennedy thinks it will destroy Medicare. They say that, "If the government cares about the availability of medicine, it can start decreasing, rather than increasing, controls over the pharmaceutical industry. And that the government needs not to expand but expand freedom it self." They also propose free markets that would give better drugs at better prices.That is the summary of the article by Executive Director Richard Ralston.
The position that I advocate is that I am in favor of the new program. Bush has proposed spending $400 million over 10 years to include prescription drug coverage in Medicare, the government health insurance program for people over 65 and some Americans with disabilities. He also would offer seniors citizens a choice of health plans, saying they w…

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