Medical Mariujana

Put yourself in this position…your diagnosed with AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, or just chronic pain from old age.The medication your taking works, but after a while it is making your body dependent on the drug, eating away your stomach lining, you can't eat, you feel nauseated and you are losing weight fast.This doesn't sound too productive, in fact it doesn't sound fun, but the alternative can be fun and help all the previous listed symptoms go away.That is why I am urging you to contact your state senator, Chuck Grassly on House Bill 2592 on supporting the State's Rights to Medical Marijuana.


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I. In recent years AIDS victims, cancer victims, and illnesses have risen to 40 million in the US alone.Many suffering with chronic problems due to prescription medication.
II. AIDS patients have as muchdifficulty ingesting medications for nausea as they do food. The medications simply don’t stay down long enough to take effect.
III. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, January 30, 1997, “The advanced stages of many illnesses and their treatments are often accompanied by intractable nausea, vomiting, or pain.
IV. Standard medications have side effects that marijuana doesn’t. With many pain medications, a steady level must be maintained in the bloodstream.
a. There is no “time off” from side effects like
i. constipation,
ii. nausea
iii. sleepiness
iv. sleeplessness,
v. “brain-fog,”
vi. emotional impacts,
vii. liver damage
1. Drug interactions must be monitored. Liver screens are necessary to prevent toxicity.

I. This is why I urge you to contact your senator Chuck Grassly and vote yes on House Bill 2592 on supporting Right's to Medical Marijuana.
II. House Bill 2592 changes
a. Controlled Substances Act
i. the prescription or recommendation of marijuana by a physician for medical use
ii. allows an individual to use it, without l…

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