A profession is an occupation requiring of the arts of sciences and advanced study in a specialized field, such as the law. It most cases it requires a specific standard of mandated field of study.
In today's standard of a paralegal is defined as: A person sufficiently trained or experienced in the law and legal procedures to assist, under an attorney's supervision, in the performance of substantive legal work that would otherwise be performed by any attorney.This definition is however lacks a certain accuracy, because in addition to all those things a paralegal is also a professional.This status however controversial, has not been granted because of the lack of mandatory statutes requiring a license.
The time has long since passed when a paralegal could enter the profession without formal education. Currently many employers prefer paralegal candidates with the following background: (1) a bachelor degree from a four-year institution; (2) paralegal training, preferable from an ABA approved paralegal program; and (3) hands-on practical and work related training such as that obtained through an internship or externship.However, many are contemplating the further requirement of a license.
By their very nature, licensure mechanisms are designed to protect the health, safety, and well being of citizens.Licensure mechanisms are, for the most part, established by governments through their legislative bodies to serve the public interest. In New Jersey, for example, the legislature has established 33 boards which regulate the activities of 60 professions and occupations; 600,000 New Jersey citizens are regulated by these boards which range from medicine, dentistry and nursing to plumbing, psychological counseling and engineering.
It is critical that any licensing or professional certification program must relate to and reflect real-world situations. However, there is a difference.Certification is the formal recogni…

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