Medias Influence on Society

Human curiosity is the essence of our lives; we live to understand and explore others troubles or triumphs, their faults or follies.However, since the beginning of time, our views have been slanted by whoever tells these stories.We are led to believe that what they say is the truth, when it could be simply their view or version of the story, without fully understanding what they were preaching themselves. In today's society, our views of our weight, beauty and sexuality are simply the extended beliefs of third party sources, such as magazines, newspapers, radio and/or the television.We are fed their beliefs, disguised as simple telecasts.
Television is no longer what it once was.Showing a great singers hips, as he graced the stage of the Ed Sullivan Show, was once believed to be blasphemous and too much for society to handle.Today it is the complete opposite, however, producers jump at the chance to expose a woman's breast or a man's butt, or even go as far as providing the audio of a man and woman involved in sexual activities.These acts are but a part of ABC, CBS, Fox and especially MTV, with their reality show hit, the Real World or any one of their other music countdown shows.But lest we forget who the principal audience is for these shows; young teenagers are watching these shows, where women dress in reveling clothing and grind up against a willing man.They are led to believe that this is how one should act to be accepted or feel older.They do not realize, however, that these stunts are simply that, stunts to produce a larger audience, for the pure financial gain of the company.
This common access to sex on the airwaves has greatly affected teenagers in the recent years, despite education on abstinence in schools. Aside from the more provocative dancing, which teens have been accustomed to lately, sexual activities have become more rampant at parties and children's homes.Teens are hav…

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