The media has tremendous power to shape the political agenda, shape our images of politicians and policies, and to influence our images of our society and ourselves.From this, the question arises whether it's possible to have an unbiased and objective news coverage. The answer to that is a simple no.
Media content and news coverage is definitely affected by the views, ideals, and interests of those who seek out, write, and produce news and other stories. Take for example reporters. They often have the freedom to interpret and evaluate stories that they are covering. As a result, they have an opportunity to slip in their views and ideals into the news stories. Take for instance the time when Richard Nixon was president. Many Americans as well as reporters felt a certain distrust and dislike for him. Eventually the negative attitudes that were felt by the reporters ended up in the news coverage. Also, take for example Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy. The personal friendship and respect that some reporters felt for them helped to generate more favorable news coverage for these presidents.
But at times, with all the freedom that reporters have with the news, it can be questioned whether Americans can separate the facts from the interpretations by the reporters. Since most Americans depend upon the media to investigate wrongdoing, to publicize and explain governmental actions, to evaluate programs and politicians, and to bring out information that is only known by a few governmental insiders, many Americans cannot separate the facts from the interpretations. Most just go along with what is being told, do the accepted thing (be conformists), and don't really take the time to investigate the issues themselves.
Besides reporters, influence by the individuals or groups who are the subject of the news also make it impossible for a news coverage to be unbiased and objective. Politicians are famous for this. They tend to…

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