Media in Court

There are many trials throughout the United States andmost of them have been affected by the media.The media can have positive and negative effects on trials.The media most often seems to have a negative impact on court cases.It can be effective on large cases such as the Kobe Bryant case or on smaller cases such as the use of cameras in court rooms.I am mainly going to discuss the negative effects of media, but I will also touch on some of the positives as well.Although the media can help outside the court room to update the people throughout the United States, it can hurt the people involved in the trials and it can have serious effects on the rest of their lives.
The media had a very huge impact on the case of Kobe Bryant.Although the media helped the rest of the world by updating the case throughout the trial, it had a negative effect on Kobe Bryant, his family, his friends, and his fans throughout the basketball world.Not only did it have a sudden impact on Kobe Bryant's life, the case also took so long that Kobe was unable to put it behind him.He was charged with sexual assault on June 30, 2003 and the case was dismissed just recently on September 1, 2004.Although he was charged with the assault to begin with, it was never proven that he committed the act and it took over a year of his life for something that could have been decided in less than a week.Some factors that helped to prolong the charges of this case are shown just in the news.The vast and close coverage by the media had a somewhat large impact on the outcome of the length of the case.The coverage by the media also allowed the defense to prolong the case and for everyone to be sympathetic towards the defense.
The defense was informed that the victim was raped and filed a report on July 1, 2003.Bryant was then notified of this and voluntarily supplies a DNA sample.Two days later a sheriff in Colorado issued an arrest warrant …

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