Media Bias

The media is biased. Now, every news company will tell you that they deliver an unbiased depiction of the world’s daily on goings. But, every one of them is lying. While many people would raise an eyebrow to a statement such as this, if you think about it, of course it;s true. And, it is true for one simple reason: people love money. As the book so aptly puts it, “Television is big business,” and big companies need to make money to stay in business. Television directors and producers select what we get to hear about, and they select the stories that will attract the largest body of listeners. Within this fact lies the most obvious bias of media bias.
On television, ratings count. Producers for major news companies realize what sells, and that is what they show us. There is always an eye grabbing spin on everything. Take, for example, the books definition of the Bias against Losers. In the 2000 election networks early on described the two candidates, but did so unequally, calling Gore wooden and boring in personality, and having a lack of traction in gaining voters. Bush, in contrast, was depicted as “warm and easygoing.” This is that bias. Remote control toting viewers would quickly lose interest in an unbiased display of political discussion, so instead the politics of the candidates are quickly touched upon, and then judgments both negative and positive are passed upon them. They do this to gain viewers, as the highest number of people watching means more money for the company via advertisements, and other sources of revenue. This is not saying that a network will pick a particular candidate or issue, and spin it in a completely one sided bias, and far from it. This can be seen clearly, again, within the 2000 presidential election. Following the primaries, where Gore was shown to be leading Bush, television companies changed their spin on things, now depicting Bush as ignorant for lack of pronunciation and other “trivial matte…

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