Meat Facorties from the 1920s The Jungle

Meat factories have been recently under sedge because of how things are done. The whole ordeal started with the unions' workers strike for more pay. From there this situation just got worse. Labor spies had been infiltrated into the union, meaning that the executives knew what was going on before it happened. The meat factory executives hired strikebreakers when picket lines modeled together.After the strike broke because the union ran out of money, the truth behind our meat appeared.
It seems as if our meat doesn't just include cows and pigs. There has been evidence brought forward showing that rats, and rat poison has been put into our meat.Also, occasionally, some one has a slight accident and slips into the meat vats, and still the meat is processed with out another thought.
Some wrongdoing between male bosses and female workers has been brought forward, as well. It's been said that female employees were sexually harassed and if they said anything, not only would it be disregarded, they would lose their jobs.
Thanks to Upton Sinclair and his discoveries, the senate has passed the Beverifed Meat Inspection Bill.Now, we might have a chance to eat correctly processed meat… healthy meat.

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