Measurable Intelligence

Intelligence is defined as "thinking skills and the ability to adapt to and learn from life's everyday experiences" (Santrock, 249). Various interpretations of what intellect really is have induced many hotheaded debates at simply the mention of that little four-syllable word. The real underlying key to answering all questions regarding the mind is whether intelligence is assessable. And it is not. Intelligence is too broad and ever changing a field of the human mind to ever accurately be measured.
Topics that support intellect being immeasurable include the changing historical trends, individual performance strengths, disabled individuals, the inaccuracy of intelligence tests and, finally, cultural variances.
History has shown that any given society's concept of intelligent behavior changes throughout time, and that "… the mental abilities deserving emphasis-the criteria for assessing intelligence-may change with the times; men of extreme but one sided talent, deemed “brilliant” in one era, might be considered unremarkable in another" (Frost, 1993). For example, the individual thatfirst implemented fire as a tool for cooking raw meat– millions of years ago-may have been held by peers as having a genius intellect. However, if one were to cook meat over an open flame at this moment not a cry of amazement would be heard. Suffice it to say, abilities and knowledge deemed important by generations before [the 21st century] are considered to be of little accomplishment today. Because of the growth of knowledge from each era to the next increases and changes so frequently, pinpointing intelligent behavior is a useless task.
Although intelligence may be described as one's abilities and talents, they do not in turn define intelligence in and of itself. In attempting to define intellect by individual abilities leads to a constant roundabout circle. Those abilities may not be a result of intellect…

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