Mayoral Elections 2001

This yearsmayoral elections have become quite challenging due to the terrorist
attacks on the U.S. the day of the primaries.Incredibly the candidates managed to pull
through and prove us that they are eager and prepared to win the elections. Two of the
candidates whom in my opinion made the best points on education were Michael
Bloomberg, a republican and Mark Green, a democrat.
MichaelBloomberg visualizesa major improvement in all aspects of education.
First Bloomberg would like to put an end to the Board of Education. This means that the
education system would be run by the Mayor, City Council, and a Commissioner of
Education. Another proposition made was that all teachers be re-evaluated every two
yearsin order to make sure all are well qualified to teach our children. To achieve better
communication between parents and teachers a “Parent’s Voicemail System” should be
established in which a parent and teacher hold a meeting at the students home. This
system will also improve communication between parents and their children, which
might improve students attendance and performance in school. Bloomberg encourages
after school programs to aid students in their academic performance as well as assures
that the $12 million for education will be spent wisely to benefit our students.
Mark Green has also set some important goals for the education system. As
Bloomberg, Green would also like to replace the Board of Education with a more
effective committee. Green’s major concern is overcrowding in classrooms. Smaller
classrooms provide a better learning environment, for more time is dedicated on each
student by the teacher. Another issue of Green’s concern is upgrading schools by
supplying classrooms with computers. This will give our students more access to modern
technology. Green stands up for teachers by promising better working

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