Math in Crime

There are numerous techniques used in solving crimes. Whether it is auto theft or double-homicide, math is used in a variety of ways to help bring the suspect to justice.
Statistics and probability play a huge role in forensic science. Science can tell you that the trace fiber collected from the victim's body came from a tan carpet. It is then discovered that the particular carpet in which the fiber originated belonged to a particular carpet that was mass-produced for the automaker Volkswagen in the mid 70's. Math will then compliment science by showing that there are only x amount of these vehicles left in the particular area in which the crime took place. It can then go on to show that the probability of the suspects vehicle being used in the crime is either extremely probable, or not at all.
Hair and fibers are an excellent source of trace evidence due to the fact that they deteriorate so slowly. Hair can reveal many things such as race, drug use, possible poisoning, and also if it was forcibly removed. Statistics can prove the probability of a match between the evidence and the suspect. Dyes that are used in fibers are categorized by the chemical structure in a national registry, which can then be referred to by the technician for comparison.
Looking back at the mid eighteen hundreds during the inception of original ideas used in fight crime, an innovative way of classifying individuals was brought about by a French man by the name of Bertillion. Bertillion theorized that by measuring different aspects of the human body, and documenting the results, a record could be kept on the suspected criminal to be used in identifying the individual if they were to commit another crime. A photo, along with eleven measurements including the circumference of their head, and the length of their middle finger, where placed on a card. These cards also held information such as scars, birthmarks, and color of hair as well as eyes.

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