Mass Media and its effect on the American People

Mass Media and its effect on the American People
In America today, media has been taken over by conglomerates and corporations. We live in an age where the media of this country has been almost completely taken over. Nearly all radio stations in this country are controlled by two corporate entities, and the televised news stations are not much better off. Our country's news networks are divided up into three media "zones" which are commonly known as FOX, CNN, and NBC. Due to this fact it is not surprising to find out that nearly all media and news bestowed upon the American public is in essence, a deception. American media will generally still spell out the hard facts and concrete evidence of events and incidents, but what has happened to the multi-opinionated voices of different journalists on the same network that we saw during the turn of the 1900's? Why is it that each journalist now must take the standpoint of their parent network for that networks benefit? Do we now live in a nation where "free speech" can only be afforded by large multinational corporations?
The fact that this has happened to our nation is shocking and appalling. Before the 1960's, the people of this country lived in a time where major cities had at least ten different newspapers, each with dozens of reporters with their own opinions. This day and age it is hard for a reporter to find a job using their problem solving and reporting skills, but reporters are now hired by how well they present their parent company's news. Though there is still some hope. The FCC is planning on possibly allowing commercial-free Low Power FM (LPFM) stations that would be capable of spreading their message a few miles. Though this will not be enough, it is an excellent foundation stone in taking back the free speech that our country has lost over the years. Something to this effect will allow for minorities and special interest groups to …

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