Maslow & McGregor

For this assignment I will be discussing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory and McGregor's Theory X and Theory Y. To begin with, Maslow developed his Hierarchy Theory over a period of many years during the mid twentieth century. Maslow's levels included:
1. Physiological needs: This aspect refers to the general required necessities for functioning in life. In organizational contexts it pertains to the salary or wage which ultimately help one attain these necessities.
2. Safety needs: These needs help us develop a sense of security from elements which may threaten us. Again this can be seen in salary, as it provides us with the means to shelter ourselves, and set up any kind of safety "netting" that we may need.
3. Affiliation needs: As the Beatles once said "all you need is love", and Ifirmly believe that everyone needs some degree of affection. In the organizational setting this can be very important, as you will be spending a great deal of your life at work, to develop social ties.
4. Esteem needs:This refers to the individuals need of accomplishmentsatisfaction. Esteem needs are divided into two contexts: internal, and external.
5. Need for self-actualization: In short Maslow defines this level as a need to "be all that you can be." In organizational regards this need can be fulfilled by a job or task which meets the individuals needs.
In my experience I find all of these levels to be just and pertinent. Thefirst two levels (physiological and Safety) are self explanatory. Every man and woman has a conscious need to survive, and I feel that this is what these two levels basically come down to. It can be related to a parents need to provide for their child. The third level Affiliation is also a "no-brainer" for the most part. Though it is unfair to say everyone needs this, I would have to say that most people are not sociopaths. In the organizational setting it …

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