Marxist class struggles

The kind of class struggle between the capitalists and the working class described by Marx is without a doubt, still at work in present-day capitalist society. Although the extent to which his predictions are validated varies from one society to the next, the general theoretical framework that he explains is prevalent in many of the conditions that are present in our society. While it is important to acknowledge that the capitalist system in 1848 when the Communist Manifesto was written was very different than the one we live in today, it is crucial that we consider the context in which these class struggles are taking place. The general standard of living and quality of life during Marx's life was much lower, therefore we cannot compare the absolute poor conditions that the working class faced then, to those that are present today. What we can compare, however, is the relative levels of oppression and exploitation faced by the working class that has been consistent over time. Examples of these existing class struggles can be seen everywhere in our society that most, if not all, of us have encountered at one point perhaps without even noticing.
As mentioned above, the horrible conditions that arrived as a result of the rise of capitalism during Marx's time may not be present in today's society. People worked long hours in dangerous conditions where there were no forms of protection for those who could not adapt to the modern way of life. The loss of one's job could mean homeless ness or even death. Today, there are various forms of protection such as social security, welfare, and unemployment to shield the less fortunate. These forms of protection, however, do not eliminate the class struggles and the threat of poverty for the lower class. The very concept of a free market economy has actually created an unfreedom in our country.
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