Marx and Weber: Alienation

At the core of Communist theory, is the idea that the average person within a society is essentially separated (alienated) from the ability to determine his own destiny.The idea was that with bureaucracy, dictatorial autocratic rule, and automation of work within the industrialized world, people are unable to see the extended value of their work and, by extension, their lives.First written about in his "Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts", Marx put forth the premise that in the agrarian economies of the "past", when a person created something, they did so in its entirety.Thus, you were a bread-maker, a distiller, a craftsman, a bricklayer, etc. and when you worked, you saw the direct result of your labor and could thus take legitimate pride in yourself and maintain a true sense of control over your destiny.In the modern industrial world, however, when people work on assembly lines, when machines make their products, or they create things that don't exist in the physical world (such as web-sites), then labor is absolutely disconnected from all of the positive attachments of labor to productivity that were enjoyed in the agrarian past.Weber, too, felt that the alienation of labor would ultimately dehumanize its creatorsBut, in his view, this was not a transitional stage of human economic development; it was a permanent situation as long as bureaucratic structures existed regardless of economic model.
Capitalism disconnects the worker from the product because it creates a multi-layered employer manager worker system that gives credit for the product made to the owner of the business and takes it entirely away from the worker.Under capitalism, "the worker sinks to the level of a commodity, and moreover the most wretched commodity of all," (Marx, 1844).In the agrarian past, the worker had a direct economic, cultural, social, and political connection to his work.As the primary economic…

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