Marriage and welfare

The dissolution of marriage over the past 40 years has had an enormous effect on children and the families involved. Well, this is what most conservative republicans would say, and President Bush is certainly leading the way. The beneficial effects of marriage for individuals and society are beyond dispute and the Bush administration is trying to make surethat government policy should promote marriage rather than discourage it.
President Bush has proposed the creation of a program to promote healthy and stable marriages. Participation in this program would be voluntary. The funding for such a program would be around 300 million per year. This averages out to be one penny to promote marriages for every five dollars the government spends to subsidize single parenthood. ?§ This small investment today could result in potentially great saving in the future by reducing the dependence on welfare and other social services.?(Rector and Johnson )
According to statistics nearly one-third of all American children are born out of wedlock. That is approximately one birth every 35 seconds, and the children born inside marriage more than half of them will see divorce before they reach the age of 18. In-fact more than half of all the children in the United States will spend their childhood in dysfunctional families. The Importance of marriage has been grossly overlooked. The dissolution of marriage is the principal cause of poverty in child in the United States. Children raised by single parents are seven times more likely to grow up living in poverty than children raised in the home of both parents. Overall approximately 80 percent of long term child poverty in the United States comes from broken homes.
Even with all these statistics some still argue that building strong healthy marriages would have no effect on the poverty of children, because …

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