Mark of Athena

Ordain taught English and Social Studies in Presidia Hill School in San Francisco for eight years. He was awarded SST. Mar’s Hall’s first Master Teacher Award in 2002. Percy Jackson Main article: Percy Jackson Peruses “Percy” Jackson (nicknamed Seaweed Brain by Inhabit) is a 12- 17 year- old demigod, the son of Sally Jackson and Poseidon. Strongest demigod in both series, Percy Jackson is the main character of the Percy Jackson and the Olympian Series and the Heroes of Olympus Series. Percy is the protagonist and narrator of the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series.

As a child of one of the “Big Three” Greek gods (Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon), Peruses Jackson (or Percy) fulfills a major prophecy of the Oracle, which foretold that the next half-blood child of the Big Three to reach the age of sixteen would have to make a decision that would mean the destruction or preservation to Olympus. As a child of Poseidon, he has hydromantic powers?the ability to mentally manipulate water and can breath under water]?which develop over the course of the series, culminating in the ability to create a small hurricane in “the Last Olympian” and The Son of Neptune.

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Additionally, full or partial immersion in water can heal or energize him, e is immune Atwater pressure, and he can see and breathe underwater at any depth. Due to Poseidon creation of horses, Percy can also communicate with equestrian animals such as Appeasing Hippocratic. He also has an enchanted sword called Magnanimous (Greek for “Riptide”) given to him by Carrion as a gift from Poseidon (the sword was created by Zoe Nightshade, originally as a hair pin). The sword’s magic disguises it as a ballpoint pen when not in use and returns it to Perry’s pocket if it becomes lost.

The main plots of the five books of the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series focus on a series of quests Percy articulates in along with his friends. In The Lightning Thief, he seeks Zeus stolen master thunderbolt. In The Sea of Monsters, he seeks the Golden Fleece. In The Titan’s Curse, he seeks the goddess Artemisia (who is missing) and Inhabit(who fell Off cliff when battling a inanimate). In The Battle of the Labyrinth, he travels the Labyrinth, a large subterranean maze, in order to defend Camp Half-Blood from attackers, and in The Last Olympian, he helps the camp and Olympus fight against the Titan army.

He functions largely as an unseen character in The Lost Hero?in fact, he is deployments hero? UT returns as the protagonist in The Son of Neptune, in which he suffers from amnesia and becomes affiliated with Camp Jupiter, an analogous camp for adolescent demigods with Roman characteristics rather than Greek. During the course Of the series, he and Inhabit Chase develop mutual romantic feelings and begin dating. In the Mark of Athena, he willingly falls to Tartar’s With Inhabit. Percy is disliked by several Of the Olympian gods.

Among them are Dionysus (who dislikes all demigods on principle), Athena (who is Anapest’s mother and his father’s (Who has fought him and lost when he was an knowing accomplice of Luke in the first book), Hear (who has interfered in his quests) and Hades (who considers him an upstart). However, there are also gods who respect him such as Artemisia, Apollo, Hesitate, Hermes, Aphrodite, and his father Poseidon. Zeus has mixed feelings for him. Then there are those who have little to no emotion to him such as Demeter and Hyphenates Percy is described as having his father’s black hair and sea green eyes.

His training at Camp Half- Blood helps make him athletic. He is above average height, with an athletic build, and muscular arms. He was portrayed by Logan Learn in the film adaptation of The Lightning [edit)Inhabit Chase Inhabit Chase is a 17 year-old, daughter to Athena and Frederick Chase. She ran away when she was years old, running into two other demigods Luke and Thaliana. When Grover, the satyr, finds them he tries to lead them back to Camp Half-Blood but makes a wrong turn into a Cyclopes lair. The Cyclops captures Luke, Thaliana, and Grover.

When Inhabit finds them, the Cyclops mimics her father’s voice. To the Cyclops surprise, she stabs him in the foot. Then, she freed Thaliana, who takes it from there; saving Luke and Grover. When she gets to camp, Thaliana holds up an army Of monsters for them to get away and is turned into a pine tree. For 5 years she waits for her chance to lead a quest into the real world. She gets her chance When Percy Jackson comes along. In the first book, Percy describes her to have curly blonde hair, like a princess, with a tan and athletic build.

He says that she would look like a California girl, except her stormy gray eyes take away from the rest. She is first seen when she is feeding Percy Ambrosia pudding and is asking him about what will happen at the summer solstice. After. E sees her again when Carrion introduces them. She soon leaves. And then, Inhabit has to introduce him to the Hermes cabin, where he is placed until he is claimed by Poseidon. Percy notices she seems to have a crush on Luke, but it disappears over the first series and is gone in The Last Olympian, as she tells Luke that although he was like a brother to her, she didn’t love him.

Inhabit describes Percy as her boyfriend in The Lost Hero. In the Son of Neptune, she is the only person Percy remembers, In the Mark of Athena, she and Percy reunite, and she has her own solo quest, to follow the Mark of Athena. She frees the Athena Parthenon by tricking Earache but in the end she and Percy fall into Tartar’s when her leg is caught in one of Earache’s spiders. Inhabit is considered to be very pretty, especially by Percy, Aphrodite once complimented her, saying, “Inhabit, you’ve grown into quite a beautiful young lady. Despite having good looks, she prides herself more on her intelligence and talent at fighting. As a daughter of Athena, Inhabit excels at anything having to do with academic studies or useful arts and crafts. One of her main weapons is her intellectual abilities, especially her strategic excellence. She is also a very powerful and experienced fighter, partially since she has been training since age seven. In the first film adaptation, Inhabit has brunette hair, while in the second film adaptation, she has blonde hair.

Inhabit is protruded by Alexandra Adoring in the film series. [edit]Grover underworld Grover Underworld is a friend Of Percy Jackson and a satyr. In the series, satyrs are in charge of identifying demigods living in the mortal world. Grover has found four Of the most powerful ones: Percy Jackson, Thaliana Grace, and Nice and Bianca did Angelo, all children of the Big Three. The Big Three are the three main gods, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. After serving as Perry’s protector in The Lightning Thief, he became a searcher, a coveted job among satyrs enabling him to seek the lost god Pan.

When Polymorphous captures him in The Sea of Monsters, he forms a psychic bond with Percy, called an empathy link. Allowing them a limited degree telepathic communication across great distances. He uses this ability to guide Percy to his rescue. He joins Perry’s quest to find Artemisia in The Titan’s Curse, and in the process falls in love with a tree nymph named Juniper. He eventually finds pan, who peacefully dies, and eventually gains recognition trot the elder satyrs for his courage in battle against the Titans where he led along Percy.

Grover is described as having curly brown hair and brown eyes, white pimply skin, a brown chin beard, and brown goat legs. In the film adaptation, Grover is portrayed by Brandon T. Jackson. Nice did Angelo Nice did Angelo is a 1 2 year-old demigod, the only known son of Hades and the younger brother of Bianca did Angela Nick’s Roman half-sister is Hazel Loveless, a daughter of Hades’ Roman counterpart, Pluto; Nick’s and Banana’s existence initially seem to prove treachery On the part Of Hades, Who joined Zeus and Poseidon after World War II in swearing not to father any more half-blood children.

In fact, the did Angelo had been born before World War II, and were kept in the Lotus Hotel and Casino in Lass Vegas, where time behaves differently and people don’t age. Over 70 years passed before one Of Hade’s Furies, Elects, removed them from the Lotus to Washington, D. C. Subsequently, the siblings grew up in a boarding school in Maine, Whosoever Hall. Unlike most demigods, he does not live at Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter.

After his sister Bianca died while on a quest with Percy, Nice held a grudge against him, but the two later reconciled when Nice spoke to his sister’s ghost. In The Last Olympian, he convinces Percy to bathe in the River Styx, granting Percy invincibility except in one spot, like Achilles, Nice also persuades Hades to lead the armies of the dead in detente to Olympus, despite the god’s longstanding grudge against the Olympian.

In recognition of their service, Camp Half-Blood erects a cabin for the children of Hades. In The Son to Neptune, Nice is captured while seeking he Doors of Death, which Saga’s forces are controlling to prevent their death, Unlike most demigods, who fight with celestial bronze or Imperial gold weapons, Nice wields a Stygian iron sword capable of killing monsters and absorbing their essence.

Because of his father’s abilities, Nice has powers of kookiness, and can manipulate earth (such as creation also has the power of necromancy, and can put ghosts to sleep, silence ghosts with a gesture, summon undead warriors, communicate with dead, power to destroy skeleton warriors, he can ‘sense’ death, and travel through shadows also known as widow travel. In The Son of Neptune, Hazel says that Nice radiates an aura of death. In The Battle of the Labyrinth, he calls himself the Ghost King.

Nice has manic dark brown eyes (like his father), messy black hair, and pale skin. He favors a brown aviator’s jacket. He also had a skull ring on in The Last Olympian The Son Of Neptune and “The Mark Of Athena” Also, Rick Ordain provided Nice with two separate birth dates, January 28 and May 16 of 1924. The year provides that the pact the Big Three made baas sometime in 1934 or 35, making Nice about 9 or 10 when he was placed in the Casino. Jason Grace

Jason Grace is a 16 year-old demigod(As of Mark of Athena), a son of Jupiter, brother of Thaliana Grace, and a protagonist of the Heroes of Olympus series. He comes from Camp Jupiter, the Roman equivalent of Greek Camp Half-Blood, where demigods born to the Olympian’ Roman aspects receive their training. Lowness’s to the people in Camp Halt-aloud, Jason led Camp Jupiter in a concurrent war against the Titans, While Percy led the defense of Olympus in Manhattan, Jason led an assault against Mount Others, a Titan stronghold near San Francisco.

In The Lost Hero, Hear/junco switches him and Percy Jackson he respective leaders at their camps, and steals their memories. In the rest of the book, Season’s memories begin to return to him as he quests to rescue Hear and Piper’s father. He and Piper also developed romantic feelings for each other. Eventually, Jason, Piper, and Leo meet Percy and Inhabit to discuss an alliance between the camps against Saga’s armies, as Hear had planned.

Jason is described as having cropped golden blond hair, blue eyes, and a scar above his upper lip [according to Thaliana, his older sister, he tried eating a stapler when he was two] He is above average height, With an athletic build, and muscular arms. He has a tattoo burned under his forearm, with twelve straight lines like a barded, an eagle, and the letters SPAR over the lines. The tattoo symbolizes his twelve years (made every year since he was three) spent at Camp Jupiter; the eagle is a symbol Of Jupiter. Leo Valued Leo Valued is a 16 year-old demigod, a son of Hyphenates.

He befriends Jason at the “Wilderness School”, technically, he actually doesn’t, because everything that happened before they went to the Grand Canyon museum trip, was just a trick of the mist, a kind of invisible cloak over mortals eyes, that prevents hem from seeing the truth and makes them see what they want to see, not the actual monster, like in The Son Of Neptune’ Percy thinks that the humans must see a giant eagle or something, when the gorgons grow wings, Leo also has the ability to touch and produce fire, a skill that no son of Hyphenates has had in 400 years, He is also an excellent mechanic due to his father’s abilities and has experience working with machines, as his mother was a mechanic.

In The Lost Hero, he discovers a secret bunker hidden in the forest near camp, which contains a magic tool belt that grants him almost anything he wants, including reheat mints. He uses the bunker and tool belt to repair a bronze dragon that was previously running wild in the camp’s woods, naming it Feasts after his initial mispronunciation of his father’s name. Leo is a joker who cannot keep his hands still, and he tends to fall quickly for girls, in ‘The Mark Of Athena’ he falls in love with Hazel Elevates In The Son of Neptune, Hazel Loveless discovers that Leo resembles her former boyfriend, Sammy Valued. She suspects Sammy may be an ancestor of Oleo’s.

In The Mark of Athena Hazel Loveless and Leo figure out that Sammy Valued is Oleo’s grandfathered. Leo is described as looking like a “Latino Suntan’s elf’ With curly black hair, dark brown eyes, pointy ears, a cheerful face, and a mischievous smile. He is described as being of normal height with a slim build. Piper McLean Piper McLean a 16 year-old demigod, a daughter of Aphrodite. She is the girlfriend Of Jason Grace. Unlike most children Of Aphrodite, Piper is tomboyish, unconcerned with her appearance or fashion. Her father is Tristan McLean, a famous Cherokee actor. She has the ability to use characters, a power of persuasion and a rare ability in Aphrodite children.

She has unwittingly used his power to talk people into giving her things, such as a BMW convertible, and been accused of theft in the process. At Camp Half-Blood, she refuses to give in to the bullying of her cabin’s head counselor, and eventually successfully challenges her for the position. She can speak French as she is a daughter of Aphrodite and French is the language of love. Like all children to Aphrodite, Piper is described as very beautiful. She has uneven brown hair and eyes that change color, from blue to green to brown. Piper is half-Cherokee from her father’s side. She has a slim build and an average height. She had a boy who was in love with her at the “Wilderness School” who turned out to be a Events (Storm Spirits). Edit]Haze Loveless Main article: Hazel Loveless Hazel Loveless is a 13 year-old demigod, a daughter of Pluto at Camp Jupiter, where she is friends with Frank Ghana who has romantic feelings for her. She grieve up in Nevi Orleans, Where her mother had a grist-grist shop. Due to her heritage from Pluto, and her mother’s greedy wish for all the riches under the earth, precious metals and gems would frequently come up from the ground near her when she got nervous or summoned them. However, these materials ere badly cursed, and brought misfortune to anyone Who took them. Hazel’s mother was convinced by Gaga to take her to Alaska where Gaga tried to use Hazel’s power over earth to bring forth the her eldest son,giant Lazybones.

When Hazel’s mother changed her mind about helping Gaga, Hazel buried herself and her mother by calling on the riches beneath the earth, and delaying Lazybones’s rebirth, She died in 1942, and gave up the chance to go to Elysium to save her mother from punishment, sending them both to Asphodel instead. Her mother was Louisiana Creole, so Hazel knows a small amount of French. Before the series began, Nice did Angelo unsuccessfully sought his sister Bianca in the underworld. Nice found his half-sister Hazel, however, and helped her escape to the world to the living and Camp Jupiter. Hazel tee’s protective to Nice and slightly jealous of Bianca did Angelo, She feels like she owes a lot to Nice, Hazel then journeys with Frank and Percy to tree Thanks; along the way, she tames Orion, a violent, speedy horse that eats precious metals.

She had a crush on Sammy Valued and gets him confused with Leo and finds out that Sammy is Oleo’s absolute, meaning great grandfather. Hazel is described as having cocoa-colored skin, cinnamon brown hair, and golden eyes. [edit]Frank Ghana Main article: Frank Ghana Frank Ghana is a 16 year-old demigod, a son of Mars at Camp Jupiter, where he is friends with Hazel Loveless whom he also has a crush on. He is Chinese Canadian, and grew up with his grandmother after his mother was killed serving in the Canadian Army. Logon Perry’s arrival at Camp Jupiter, Frank is the first to accept him. Frank has a meek disposition, and is uncomfortable upon learning his father’s identity.

He suspected himself a son Of Apollo, given his skill With bow and arrow, his preferred weapon. On his quest in The Son of Neptune, however, he uses an enchanted spear given to him by Mars when threatened by basilisks. To Franks surprise, the spear summons a skeleton warrior that defeats the basilisks. Frank is a descendant of Perineum’s, a grandson of Poseidon, meaning he is a relative to Percy, with the power to shapeliest. Prickliness’s descendants were sold into slavery in China, and migrated to Canada many years later, While battling Lazybones (who is invincible within Alaska), Frank tapped into this power and transformed into an elephant after ragging Lazybones to across the state line to Canada where he could be killed.

However, his combined power of being a Son to Mars and having the ability to shapeliest gives him too much power, The Fates balanced this out hey tying his life force to a piece of firewood; if the wood burns out, he will die. Junco appeared to his mother while he a baby to warn her of this fact, as he would be crucial to defeating the Giants. She grabbed the stick and extinguished the flame when Junco disappeared In all his life, Frank has ignited the wood twice; the first time was while he was finding his viva to Camp Jupiter. It was snowing and he avgas cold, so he thought about the stick igniting, and it did. However, he could feel his life force draining away, even though it warmed him. He thrust it into the snow to put it out. The second time was When he, Percy and Hazel traveled to Alaska to free Thanks.

Frank is described as having a babyish face with chubby cheeks and black hair in a military cut. He has a big frame and is stoutly built. In the Mark of Athena, Inhabit compares him to a big teddy bear. The conflict is man vs.. Man And the theme of the story is, certain themes resonate throughout the series, such as friendship, loyalty, and trust, and that people with diverse backgrounds need to learn to work together to defeat a common evil. Believing in yourself, facing your greatest fears, and rising to meet extreme challenges are also important this is a series about heroes, after all. Specific to. The Mark of Athena</me> is the danger of too much pride and vengeful thoughts. What’s the story?

Oleo’s amazing flying/sailing ship the Argon II arrives in New Rome (California) to greet Roman demigods in peace and friendship and reunite with Percy Jackson. Unfortunately, the peace and friendship part doesn’t go so well. Leo gets possessed by some vengeful spirits and starts shooting fireballs everywhere, necessitating a pretty hasty exit with Percy and Romans Hazel and Frank. Now they have all seven demigods on board for the prophesied quest (plus the crazy satyr chaperone Coach Hedge), but they’re also being chased by Romans across the country and they know where the Greek Camp Half-Blood is. There’s no time for demigod infighting, though The seven must follow the prophesy to Rome to save the world from certain destruction by garishly dressed twin giants.

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