Marijuana- Yes or No

Should the Nation Try to Smoke the Pain Away?
Marijuana (a.k.a. pot, weed, Mary Jane, bud, ganja, grass, smoke, dank, green)
Marijuana has many bad effects on the body. Although a user cannot become physically addicted to marijuana, he/she may become psychologically dependent on the drug. Also, a person driving under the influence of marijuana is a danger to themselves and others. Mental breakdown can also occur if weed is smoked like mad. Marijuana is also known as a "gateway drug." It often leads to use of more dangerous drugs.
Many people often abuse this drug. If marijuana were legalized, many people would take advantage of this, and use it excessively. Marijuana is a “gateway” drug. Even if legal, it would lead to the use of more dangerous drugs. When arrested for possession of marijuana, the possessor gets put into rehabilitation centers, which use our tax money!
There are supposed legitimate reasons that marijuana should be legalized. One of these is lawful medical use of the drug. It is said that it can help cancer, AIDS, and glaucoma patients. However, no other drug prescribed is smoked. New findings show that marijuana is somewhat harmful to AIDS and cancer patients because the active ingredient in marijuana slightly reduces the bodies white blood cells which fight off infections. After many years of research of marijuana, there has been no hard proof that it can be used as a medicine. No scientific proof has been found!
The Federal Government tries to stop the use of marijuana. Government agencies spend millions of dollars every year to try and get rid of marijuana. The amount of money they spend is increasing, however the use of marijuana is also. Their goal was to inflate prices so less people would purchase the drug, but the opposite has been happening.
Although, fair cases can be fought that marijuana has a reason to be legal, it should stay illegal. Because of t

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