Marijuana mental dependency

My old roommate use to tell me “everyone smokes pot at some point in their life”. I've smoked pot with a 33 year-old mother of two outside a wedding reception and with a 14 year-old girl and her father. So what is this magical drug that makes everyone seem to enjoy life so much?Through my own personal experiences and discussion with peers, many questions have arisen about marijuana.It's a drug that seems to relax and make people more sociable.Though illegal, pot it is still very easily obtained.Many social and regular users say that pot “helps” to relax and calm them down.Users often deny addiction but do admit they often need it, or would rather use it to relax and become social.Users point out the lack of proven health concerns and the growing social acceptance of weed as reason for continuing use.
Marijuana is the most widely used illegal drug in America.It is a drug that crosses race, religion, age, and gender barriers. Also called weed, pot, and cannabis, among others, this drug is used by men and women ranging from 14 to 80.In 1989 some 20 million Americans used marijuana more or less regularly. (Kleiman)Reports say that the major period for onset of cannabis use occurs before age 20 years, with the peak of onset occurring around 16-18 years (Chen & Kandel, 1995) Why are so many people smoking pot? Users claim not to be addicted rather just enjoy it's high.Marijuana is not a physically addicting drug rather it creates a mental dependency.
There are a few physical effects of this drug.Marijuana smoke contains 50 percent more cancer causing agents that tobacco smoke.However, this is the only significant and established physical risk of pot smoking in an otherwise healthy human.Since pot generally isn't smoked in the quantity that tobacco is, it is viewed as a small side effect,
The real risk in smoking weed is ones mental health and mental dependency.Pot can cause almost im…

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