Marijuana Legalized

The controversy of legalizing marijuana has been raging for quite a while in America. From some people pushing it for medical purposes to potheads just wanting to "get high" legally. Marijuana has been used for years as a popular drug for people who want to get a high. All this time it has been illegal and now it looks as if the drug may become legal.
There has been heated debate by many sides giving their opinion in the issue. These people are not only left wing liberals either. Richard Brookhiser, a National Review Senior editor is openly supportive of medical marijuana yet extremely conservative in his writing for National Review (Brookhiser 27). He is for medical marijuana since he used it in his battle with testicular cancer. He says, “I turned to [marijuana] when I got cancer because marijuana gives healthy people an appetite, and prevents people who are nauseated from throwing up. “(Brookhiser 27) Cancer patients are not the only benefactors from the appetite enhancer in marijuana, but so are any other nauseous people. Arizona and California have already passed a law allowing marijuana to be used as a medicinal drug. Fifty Six percent of the California voters voted for this law. “We’ve sent a message to Washington,” says Dennis Peron. “They’ve had 25 years of this drug was, and they’ve only made things worse.” (Simmons 111) The Arizona proposition garnished an even wider margin of separation between the fore’s an against in a sixty five percent support tally. Ethan Nadelmann insists, ” These propositions are not about legalization or decriminalization. They’re about initiating some non radical, commonsense approaches to drug policy.” General Barry McCaffery disagrees saying, “I don’t think this was a medical issue from the start.” (Simmons 111) He also calls the new laws, a “tremendous tragedy.” The federal government has a hard time letting the California/Arizona act stand. Marijuana is a schedule one drug, and has…

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