First off lets determine what exactly marijuana is, it is a crude drug made from the plant cannabis sativa. The main ingredient that gets you "high" is called THC or in real terms delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. Some immediate effects of this drug, when smoked, are raised heartbeat and pulse, bloodshot eyes and dry mouth.Marijuana also has a negative effect on short-term memory, causing you to become forgetful. Marijuana also effects coordination and concentration, it enables you from performing normally. For example, driving a motor vehicle probably wouldn't be the best thing to do while under the influence of this drug. The drug isn’t proven to be addictive to the body yet, the psychological dependence factor is high. Long-term users may have a hard time limiting their use, and will usually need more of the drug to maintain the ;high; they are looking for. This drug may also cause lack of motivation and laziness. Users may develop problems with their jobs and personal relationships and marijuana might become the most important or center of the users life. Another large concern is the effects on young users as they grow up. Research shows that the earlier people start using drugs, the more likely they are to go on to experiment with other drugs. This is a major concern because many of the other drugs out there that these kids might move onto from marijuana have much harsher and devastating effects. This drug also has an effect on reproduction, causing temporary loss of fertility in males and females. Females that use the drug while pregnant also put their child at risk for a premature birth or for birth defects. Marijuana is also proven to cause cancer when used for long periods of time. All in all Marijuana is not good. It is extremely bad for you and you shouldn’t use it at all.

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