Marijuana, Weed, Pot, Hemp, Cannabis, Grass, all these words have the same meaning.There is an ongoing controversy on wither or not Marijuana should be legalized.Both sides have good issues that support them but the positive effects of legalizing marijuana are far greater then any of the negative effects.
The negative effects of Marijuana and the risks that come with them are mostly inconclusive; however, the benefits that could arise from this plant are endless.Marijuana holds many medical benefit as well as Industrial Benefits. A great deal of government funding would be saved by no longer having to prosecute or harbor marijuana offenders.
Marijuana has been shown to be effective in many illnesses such as reducing nausea induced by cancer chemotherapy. It has also been recorded that it can simulate appetites in AIDS patients, and reducing intraocular pressure in people with glaucoma. A synthetic THC is available by prescription, but is not as effective as smoking marijuana, and the synthetic THC have some severe side effects. So smoking it is the best way.
Studies show that marijuana may have uses in cancer treatment. Researchers have used the main active ingredient in the drug to treat brain tumors in rats.The type of tumor is relatively uncommon but fatal in humans. In a third of the rats, the tumor was eliminated. Another third lived for an extra six weeks instead of dying within two to three and the final third gained no benefit.
They say marijuana has many negative effects.If that was the case why is that tens of thousands of people die each year from using tobacco, alcohol, heroin, and cocaine and there hasn't been any report of somebody dying from smoking marijuana.Nobody dies from marijuana. It’s impossible to overdose on pot. If you smoke too much, you just say stupid things and fall asleep. Even aspirin kills more people than marijuana every year.

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