Malaria is a disease caused by a parasite that lives both in mosquitoes and humans (9).Malaria lives in tropical and sub-tropical areas such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Haiti, India, The Dominican Republic, Africa, Papua New Guinea, and Central and South America (3).Malaria is one of the major diseases found around the world.About one out of every twenty people on earth, almost 300 million people, suffer from malaria every year.Almost two million of those 300 million people die each year from this disease.Many new drugs are being tested to prevent malaria but no definite vaccine has been discovered (1).
Malaria has threatened this earth since the mid-Pleistocene age.However, no one knows for certain just when malaria showed up in the Western Hemisphere.Many scientists say that malaria roamed the New World before the Europeans.Yet others will say that the Western Hemisphere had no contact with malaria until the end of the fifteenth century.Many other diseases similar in destruction to malaria were brought over from Europe and Africa (5).Malaria limited colonization all over the world.West Africa and Northern Australia were major hot spots for malaria attacks during the colonization of those areas.Malaria also resulted in many casualties in wars form Ancient Greece to Vietnam to the present (2).
Thefirst effective treatment for the disease was found in 1632.A Spanish priest brought a piece of bark form a Peruvian Tree to Europe.The bark was soon found to be a remedy to the constant fevers caused by malaria.Malaria was extremely active in Ancient Rome and Europe. However, it is proven that the malaria back then was much less destructive than it has been in recent centuries. This is because P. falciparum, the most deadly type of malaria, was not present back in Ancient Europe. After the fall of the Roman Empire, the History of malaria is unknown for quite some time in Ancient Europe. It was n…

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