Make Your Move Mr. President

Make Your Move Mr. President

The United States is at war. A war against Terrorism. A fight to uphold the freedom that America cherishes so dearly. When our new president comes into office, this war will be a pressing issue for him. Every US Citizen will have their eyes fixated on every move that the president makes. Will he leave our troops in Iraq? Will he send more troops in? These are common questions on our minds.

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The Government exists to protect us. That is what it was created to do. The war on terror is taking place because the government is doing its job. Before September 11, 2001, we didn't see terrorism as an immediate threat. In the time following September 11, our strategy changed. We realized that we can't just sit back and hope that we don't get attacked. When we see a potential threat, we need to address it. That is why we went into Iraq. Saddam Hussein was posing a threat to us. He was suspected to have nuclear weapons, and we didn't want to just sit around and wait for him to bomb us. So we took out Saddam. However, in taking out Saddam, we left Iraq with no real form of leadership. We didn't go into Iraq to destroy the country, we don't want to just leave the Iraqi's without a government.

The new president should try to get a viable government up and running as soon as possible in Iraq. We are risking the lives of our troops by keeping them there. It is however, more important that we fight on the streets of Iraq rather than the streets of Boston or New York. We want to keep terror at bay, and not fight this war within our boundaries. …

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