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"Made in the USA" has come to be a very generic term used on a lot of products from all around the world. Currently, there are no standards to set what is actually "Made in the USA." Companies claim that if a few parts of the product have been made within its boarders it is deemed "Made in the USA". By personal standards, I think that if a product has a majority of its parts made within the boarders of North America it has a right to be classified as "Made in the USA" and also have its seal. It is the same way in any country; it is a statement of pride or patriotism. That is why Americans want to support their own and keep their money in their economy. This forms a sense of unity and supporting your fellow American.
Products fully made in the United States is nearly impossible to find. Making all the parts for a specific product is hard for any country to accomplish. Since the resources are based in different areas; we have to rely on other countries for certain products. A majority of petroleum comes from the Middle East which is produced into plastics. Plastic is one of the most used products in our current age. Therefore, any product to be fully made in the United States or in any country it is barely possible. Certain resources are more abundant in different places, which make them less expensive in those areas. Supply and demand makes it more economical to buy from the countries that have more of a product, which lowers the product costs.
Product cost is the basis for all decisions of which country certain products come from. Technically we could make a product completely in the United States, but the cost would be so high for some of the parts, which is why we import different parts. This makes the products a lot cheaper compared to the same that would be actually made in the USA. A set of shoes at a store that where "Made in the USA" where $99, but the other shoes of the sam…

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