Born into a time when self serving aspirations in the name of the
public well being were the norm of public life, Niccolo Machiavelli wrote
his two discourses on public government as a means of demonstrating the
differences between moral, and immoral governments, and then as an attempt
to curry favor with the existing immoral government.Machiavelli was born
into a wealth family, and via education became one of Italy’s youngest
public servants at the age of 29 in 1498.Europe has not know peace,
militarily induced or otherwise, for close to 1000 years, so Machiavelli
undertook the task of looking back, and writing a thorough discourse on the
value, and purpose of a republic form of government.Only after his work
put him into disfavor with the ruling monarch did he revise his thoughts
and product the work for which he is most famous, the Prince later that
Great disagreement has occurred over Machiavelli’s the Prince.He
seems to be outlining the means and purposes by which a dictator can rise
to power. Because of the Prince, the termMachiavellian’ has come to be
associated with deceptive or ruthlessly self serving behaviors.In order
to understand the Prince, This research willfirst examine the Discourse of
Livy, and they make a comparison of the two.
The Discourse is a treatise regarding the means by which a Republic
government can be formed, and maintained over the people. Looking back
throughmodern’ history to the Roman Empire, Machiavelli describes the
purpose of a republic, and based on the purpose details the means by which
a republic can become establishes. In his writing, he describes ancient
Roman virtue, and postulates that it takes a tyrant to found a republic.
Only a strong man acting alone says Machiavelli can provide the order and
laws from which republican virtue and a sort of democracy will grow. When
time comes for the tyrant to die, howe…

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