Lyndon Johnsons Effect of AMerican Foriegn Policy Towards Isreal

The following is a discussion of American foreign policy towards Israel, and the Middle East. In it I will show that Lyndon Johnson changed the regional position and opinion of the United Stated by adapting a pro Israeli stance, categorized by excusing many unadvised forceful actions taken by Israel. It will be shown how Johnson's response to the outbreak of the 1967 War was the major factor in the change. These changes took thefirst steps in developing the close friendship between America and Israel.
Other factors will be discussed. The cold war had a major effect on policy decisions. This will be shown through a historical account of his predecessor's policies in their dealings with the region. I will show that American some presidents had pro Israeli feelings, but aimed at staying neutral, and keeping the broadness of American influence in the Middle East.
In all dealings, American presidents tried to appease both sides, and keep the peace. It was not until Lyndon Johnson came to power that policy took such pro Israeli turn. His predecessor John F Kennedy set the stage, but it's roots lie in the Truman presidency, when Israel was not yet a nation. The analysis next leads to Eisenhower, his stance during the Suez Canal Crisis, gained America a good standing amongst Israeli's and Arabs. The foundations for the 1967 war are built on this crisis.
Harry Truman looked at the issue through Humanitarian eyes, as did his predecessor, Franklin Roosevelt. The two both truly felt sorry for what had had happened to the Jews and wanted to see some reparations made.
These two men had their cabinets, state department and foreign affairs to consider before making a public stance on their Jewish feelings. Truman had a very bureaucratic, and anti Semitic state department to deal with.He called them the striped pants boys. These boys saw no reason to stress the urgent creation of a Jewish state, and were in no hurry…

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