Las Vegas has always been known as the city of sin, and the movie
Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas corroborates this belief. From drug
experimentation to gambling, this movie portrays a surprisingly thoughtful
glance into the mind of addiction and of drug usage. Though various drugs
were used in this movie, psychedelics seemed to be the drugs of choice for
the characters. The focus of this paper is to define the hallucinogens by using
it's most popular member, LSD. After LSD has been adequately defined, a
comparison of the drug and the portrayal of the drug in this movie will be
Before LSD is outlined, here is a brief introduction to the movie in
case you haven't seen it yet. The movie is set in the early seventies, and the
main character is sent to Las Vegas to write an article on an annual
motorcycle race. Under the advice of his estranged lawyer, both ride out to
Las Vegas in a non-stop LSD and mescaline trip. Not only are these two
drugs abused, but other drugs such as ether, cocaine, marijuana, Thorazine,
and a variety of uppers and downers are also abused. As the main character
experiments with the different drugs, the audience can hear his thoughts as
they ramble from extreme paranoia to thoughtful insights. This aspect of the
movie is important because along with great special effects and distorted
sounds, it is a fairly realistic view into the thoughts and actions of a person
on a psychedelic drug. To better describe these thoughts and actions, here is
an explanation of LSD and it's effects on the body.
The history of LSD doesn't go back very far. It's full name is lysergic
acid diethylamide, and it was synthesized for thefirst time in 1938 by Albert
Hofmann in Basel, Switzerland, who was looking for a blood stimulant. It
was basically untouched until five years later, when Hofmann accidentally
experienced a small amount during a routine synthesis. I…

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