LSD and Crack-Cocaine

LSD and Crack-Cocaine
Today, the problem of drugs has become one of the most serious ones facing the world and it's youth. Drugs in general, can be classified into 5 different kinds: cannabis or hemp (name of a plant) such as marijuana and hashish, opiates such as morphine, heroine and opium, stimulants such as cocaine and amphetamines, depressants also known as sedatives such as alcohol and barbiturates, and finally hallucinogens such as LSD, PCP and MDMA(ecstasy). When talking about drugs with the majority of people, especially grown-ups, we always hear: "Stay away from drugs," "Drugs are bad," or even " Say no to drugs." What these people don't know is the difference between each drug, the difference in tolerance– which means the need to increase the dose to obtain the effects that were previously obtained with a lower dose– between each drug and the difference between the withdrawal syndromes of each drug. For them drugs are drugs. My research will focus on two specific types of drugs: Crack, one of the most recently-discovered derivative of powder-cocaine and LSD, the most widely used and the best known hallucinogenic drug. The reasons why I choose theses two specific drugs is because I had heard about crack as being the drug of the 90's and as being more harmful than heroin. Then I chose LSD because many of my friends have tried it and I think that I would also try it if I have the chance. In brief, whether crack or LSD, I'll try to learn the maximum amountof information to add to my general knowledge.
"Crack is by no means the only culprit in Los Angeles' costly plague of crime, addiction and child abuse", stated an article in the Los Angeles Times. The article also showed that from psychiatrist Michael Durfee's point of view, crack has become the number one illicit drug having bad effects on pregnancy. …

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