L.S.D is known to the scientific world as D-lysergic-acid-diethylmide.Some common names for LSD, are as follows: Acid, ‘Cid, bart Simpsons, Barrels, Tabs, Blotters, Heavenly blue, “L”, Liquid, Micro-Dots, Mind Detergant, Orange Cubes, Orange Micro, Owsley, Hits, Paper Acid, Sacrement, Sandoz, Sugar, Sunshine, Ticket, Twenty-Five, Wedding Bells, Windowpanes, etc.There are a number of methods to produce LSD variants at home, as well as pure LSD.The normal stoner that would be make LSD variants won’t have the Knowledge to make LSD but with the help of alcohol, a type of ether (which can be procured from school labs), and morning glory seeds they can produce a slightly different drug.While it is still mainly LSD, you also have the variables of alcoholic consumption.And these variants work on contact.Unlike LSD which takes a few minutes to run through your blood, the liquid variants seep right through the tissue membranes and directly into the blood.Why is LSD used?Many cultures use it as a release of the mind for meditive reasons only, such as some Indian Nations, and also some Oriental Religious sects.Also the CIA has had in the past a keen interest in LSD, for specifically two reasons.To wear down enemy spies so that they will give information, and also to calm their own agents so they will not show agitation, or anxiety while “on the job”.The rest of the people use it for fun, or either scientific testing.LSD effects more then one of the human body systems.Somatic effects are, hyperthermia, hyperglycemia, vomiting, and hypotension.Psycological effects are, hallucinations, depersonalization, reliving of repressed memories, mood swings, euphoria, megalomania, and a schizophrenic-like state.Cognitive effects are, disturbed thought process,difficulty expressing thoughts, impairment of reasoning, and impairment of memory.Perceptual effects are, increased stimulus from environment, changes in shapes/color

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