lowering drinking age to 18

They are considered Adults; they have all the right and privileges of adults. They pay taxes, can be drafted into the army to be sent off to die in war, pay taxes that help run the country, the vote, get married, they are eighteen years old. However the right to consume or buy alcohol till the age of twenty-one is denied. In 1984 one of the rights of the eight teen year old adult was seized from them. The right to consume or buy alcohol until the age of twenty-one. Congress believed that this move would lower the number of fatal teen drunk driving accidents even thought the number of accidents was already on the decline.
" In the 1978 Nation study of adolescent drinking behavior found that 10th-12th graders in states with a lower drinking age drank significantly more, were less likely to abstain from alcohol, and were drunk more often than students in states with a drinking age of 21" (red page internet site).The above quote above and congress' need to lower the number of fatal car accidents due to drunk driving led them to pass the Nation minimum drinking age act of 1984. The law was passed in the states by using their powers to set a state drinking age.Congress went about this matter in such a way as to say that if they did not concur with their wishes then they would lose up to "tens of thousands of millions of dollars (up to 15% of its share) of the federal highway funds.Congress failed to over look the fact that the number of teen drunk driving accidents was already beginning to decrease in 1982 before the law was passed. This law unfairly took away on of the rights and privileges !
Congress said that it wanted to stop number of alcohol related car crashes. The simple answer to stop drinking among the ages of 18-21 was to change the age of purchase. Statistics show that the number of these crashes was on a decline in 1982 before the minimum purchase act was passed.So instead of

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