Do lotteries hurt the poor? Is It hurting us Americans?Should we band the lotteries that are legalized in many states?Well, I sure do think so, but there was a time when I didn't think the lottery could be harmful to anyone.After doing some research I found that the state-run lottery can be harmful to us Americans.
Who plays the lottery?The Rich?Hardly ever.They have no desire to play such games.It is the poor, the poor are the ones who play the lottery as a means to get lucky, strike it rich, and make an easy buck (Sanchez).Any get-rich-quick scheme is developed to entrap the weak and especially the poor, after all buying lottery is almost irresistible enticement to people who want to meet the needs and desire of their families but find that they cannot (Burkett).Lower-income households spend a larger percentage of their income on lotteries than families with more wealth (Sanchez).There was a toll taken in Virginia in 1997 that showed that 80% of people that made under 15k a year played the lottery, 30% of people that made 15-20k a year played the lottery, 20% of people that made 25-50k a year played the lottery, and 5% of people that made over 50k a year played the lottery (Clotfelter).
Why is it that so many poor people are playing the lottery? Is it because the state uses slogans to mislead the poor?Gloria Jimenez essay "Against the odds, and Against the common Good" (Jimenez110) is an essay that opened my eyes to how gambling can hurt us Americans, it is about how state-run lotteries are so common in many states and how many states urge people to gamble when she believes that they should not.Jimenez believes that many states use slogans to mislead people, like the slogan used in Maryland "Play Today. Cash Tomorrow" (110) which falsely suggests to have money tomorrow, you have to buy a lottery ticket today.Jimenez also believes t…

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