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The policies, acts and legislations aimed at inclusion or exclusion of First Nations have had an enormous impact on the development of Fist Nation organizations in Canada. The fact that the process of colonization and nation building did not included consultation with or respect for the culture, tradition, sovereign or organizations of First Nations drove this oppressed group to form political and non-political lobbying organizations. Prior to the arrival of European new comers, First Nations people had organized societies. These societies had law, tradition, culture, leadership and religion. Their concept of sovereignty was intangible, an inherent feeling of reverence of land, the mother from which life came and that that land should be preserved for future generations, as it had been since time immemorial. First Nations believe that they live with the land, not simply on it. The Federal Government and Aboriginal peoples understand the definition of Sovereignty differently, each taking the understanding from two different directions. However, the most crucial issue in this paper is the treatment and understanding of the policies, acts and legislations that affects the plight of aboriginal peoples of Canada. Through this essay it is hoped an understanding of how the policies and treatment of these people lead to the desire for self-government and self-determination and development of Aboriginal political organizations. Comparison of settlements of government and aboriginal peoples across the country it might be better understood why certain policies, acts and treaties caused certain movements with in aboriginal regions and territories.
The stages of growth of both government and aboriginal societies and nations took many turns with events of government attempting to assimilate these people into a European culture. Indian agents were introduced to the aboriginal communities in the early 1800's. Their mandate was to live in a…

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