Long beach

One of the huge concerns in Long Beach currently is the security at the Port of Long Beach.Since "9/11," there have been many security concerns all over the nation.With the Port of Long Beach being the second busiest container seaport in the United States, after only Los Angeles, security is a big concern.In seeing that the Port of Long Beach is one of the busiest in the country, there are endless possibilities of security glitches that can occur.Port officials have to be conscious of monitoring drug trafficking, the importing and exporting of illegal materials and substances, and so on.Since the Port is a leading gateway for the U.S. – Asia trade, and the demand for goods from Asia has grown tremendously in recent years, the Port contributes immensely to our economy through business and providing an abundant amount of jobs for our community.So it is extremely important to keep our Port as safe as possible.Currently, the city has already set up The Board of Harbor Commissioners.The five-member board is responsible for setting policy for the port and the management and control of the Harbor Department.So there already exists a board to oversee the issues regarding the port and take responsibility for the activities taking place at the port.I would just make sure one of their main focuses be a concentration on keeping security policies updated.Also I believe that there is never too much security.The more security there is, the better.So I would propose a bill to use a percentage of the port's revenue to increase security personnel and security equipment to further counteract any security problems that may occur.Since there are so many chances for security problems to occur and the great growth of technology that is available for criminal to utilize, there is no way that we can take a passive role to counteracting security issues at the Port.We must take an active role to keep one step ah…

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