Liver-everything about it.

The liver is one of the most resourceful organs in the body. The weight is about three point three pounds and has a reddish brown color to it. It lies in the upper right hand part of the abdomen, directly under the diaphragm and above the stomach and intestines. This organ provides the necessary metabolic and synthetic services. The liver is a component of the digestive system and has a few primary functions. It secretes bile and regulates nutrient composition of blood. These are just the main ones though. Any condition that severely damages the liver represents a serious threat to life. The liver has a limited ability to regenerate itself after injury to it.
The anatomy of the liver is the parts of it. It is covered by a layer of visceral peritoneum. On the front side of it has a falciform ligament that divides the liver into two lobes; the right and left lobes. Toward the back of the ligament it gets thicker and this part is called the round ligament. It marks the path of fetal umbilical vein. On the back of the liver, the inferior vena cava leaves an impression between the right lobe and the small caudate lobe. Inferior to it lies the quadrate lobe. Afferent blood vessels and other structures make it to the liver by moving inside the connective tissue of the lesser omentum; they meet at the hilus. There is one-third of the blood supply to the liver that is arterial blood coming from the hepatic portal vein. There are liver cells that alter the levels of nutrients by absorption and secretion and they are called hepatocytes. Blood leaving the liver goes to the systemic circuit by going through the hepatic veins that lead into the!
Liver lobules are the basic functional units of the liver. The lobules are divided by connective tissue from each lobe of the liver. The lobules are separated from each other by an interlobular septum. The hepatocytes in a liver lobule form an arraignment of irregular plates. These plates are usually …

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