Lisa jackson :Twice Kissed

Thane Walker and Maggie Riley were in love when her twin sister Mary Theresa pretended to be her twin and tricked Thane into sleeping with her, then MT passed over another man’s child as his to trick him into marrying her. Years later, Mary-Theresa has disappeared and Thane shows up on Maggie’s doorstep, wanting her to help him out because the police suspect him to having something to do with his ex-wife, Mary-Theresa’s disappearance. As Thane and Maggie try to unravel the mystery of MT’s disappearance, they try to resist that love that has never died between them while at the same time feeling they can’t trust the other. While the mystery of the malevolent Mary-Theresa keeps you guessing, it’s ultimate a satisfying love story of two people who were cruelly torn apart but who have never stopped loving each other. And in the end, true love finally wins.

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