liberal lunch hour

Liberal Lunch Hour

The pungent smell of grease and bar-b-q sauce stings your nostrils as you longingly stare at the sports car that just pulled up outside your drive-thru window. Your eyes tear up, possibly from the thought that you will never be able to own a car like that working at a fast food joint for $5.15 an hour, but more than likely the tears are from the freshly cut onions sitting nearby. Your life doesn't have to be like this. A college education will increase your selected career success rate by 75%. What does this mean to you? It means freedom. Freedom to choose which sports car you want, where you want your in ground pool. Well maybe not, education does give you the right to an education. There are so many people on the streets today that are living a lower class lifestyle just because they chose not to further their education after high school.
High school is so different from college. Not just in the fact that you are away from home without a care in the world or at least you'd hope. College life does open you up to many opportunities and offers you a liberal education. College is your next step out into the real world. The world is filled with different ethnic, racial, and religious values that in high school were checked at the door by the schools policies removing your freedom of choice. Public schools have the power to strip you of everything that makes you you. College offers so many educational choices and opportunities from the general education classes of Essentials of Algebra and English Composition to reading, theatre, and intro to geology. How often in high school did you get a chance to learn astronomy or photography? Not very often. In college, you choose to take the classes that you want. Unlike in high school, where everyone had the same schedule of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Granted those are the essentials of education, but there is so much more to the world than letters and numb…

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