Let them Eat Fries: The Benifits of Free Trade

The golden arches lay disfigured on the ground burned and trampled by activists and burned down star bucks are right next door.Mobs rushing and screaming and chatting about the wrongful beef practices or the horrible third world factory conditions. The neo-political Marxist activists of our day are fighting for end to American Global hegemony. Around the glob anti-globalization troops are mounting against the imperialist western world dominance. Trade and globalizations are thought to be bringing about Armageddon.Let them eat fries globalization is good for everyone.No two countries have fought a war once McDonald’s was present in both countries (Stross 36).Globalization is occurring like it or not we should realize this and adjust.The U.S. has been touting free trade but in reality we still have not totally adjusted and allowed it. Political actions groups have disallowed free trade to work citing job loss, environmental damage and global poverty.Free trade should be pursued for those reasons.Free trade will eliminate and reduce environmental misuse, create more job opportunities and raise the global standard of living.That is what is so great about free trade.
For the anti-globalization movement cites environmental damage but fails to provide any adequate link between the two.In the United States and around the world the people are faced with a tremendous amount of growth.In order to sustain that growth and maintain standards of living we are used growth is inevitable. The anti-globization troops demand that the environmental degradation must stop but never realize that growth is the only way to help the needy.In reality growth and trade are helpful to environment.Without the cooperation nature of international trade international agreements on the environment would be hopeless. Through trade technology advanced and developed countries use less pollutant and environmentally friendly goods.If the world mov…

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